Frequently Asked Questions


The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) is one of the fastest growing Internet Exchanges in the region. Learn more about it in the About MyIX section.

The Internet is a worldwide network of networks. These different types of networks are connected together using the Internet Protocol (IP). An Internet Exchange is a place where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content providers can interconnect these independent networks and exchange Internet traffic with each other. This exchanging of IP traffic on an Internet Exchange is generally known as ’peering’.

Peering is the exchange of traffic between ISPs and content providers. In order to settle the terms to which this exchange takes place, ISPs and content providers use peering agreements that often do not include an exchange of money. This helps to reduce the costs of IP Traffic in a significant way. One of the largest costs facing any ISP and content providers nowadays are the upstream capacity costs of connections. Peering arrangements at an Internet Exchange reduce the need to send IP traffic through a bandwidth upstream provider. One single connection to an exchange point (such as MyIX) may reduce the need for multiple connections. Here at MyIX, members are easily able to connect up with each other and enjoy the full benefits of peering. Every member at MyIX is in the position to peer with all other connected ISP's and content providers.

At present all major Malaysia Internet Service Providers and Content Providers have established connections with MyIX.  Please refer to the Connected to MyIX page will inform you of who is actually connected to MyIX.

Become a Member

In order to connect to MyIX, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be a legal entity incorporated in Malaysia
  2. Have an Autonomous System (AS) number which is issued to Malaysian entities by the regional AS assigning authority for networks in Malaysia
  3. Network Service Provider (NSP) License holder under CMA 1998 but existing entities whose primary business is the hosting of content, (including but not limited to hosting corporate websites, dedicated server hosting, shared hosting or offshore hosting) or entities whose business in the opinion of the Committee is involved or associated with the content which is delivered via the internet.

By following the instructions pointed out in the Joining MyIX section.

Once you have been approved by the MyIX committee , you will be informed by e-mail.

Costs of Connection

The costs of housing your equipment is a separate concern, which needs to be directed towards the co-location(s) that you choose. If applicable, the costs of the leased line from your network to the chosen co-location(s) is also your responsibility.

No. MyIX does not give discounts for multiple connections.

Co-locations (housing sites)

No. Even though MyIX works in close partnership with the co-locations, they are still separate entities from MyIX.

Full details on the co-locations can be found on the MyIX Nodes locations page.


The Nodes Location & contact page shows clearly who to contact in case of technical issues.

Lease liase with the co-location provider for cabling.

Also known as "trunking" (Foundry) or the official IEEE term "LACP / 802.3ad". Link aggregation bundles multiple parallel links between a pair of devices forming a single high-performance channel.

At MyIX, link aggregation is available for 1100Mbp/s and 1Gb/s connections at all locations.

MyIX support Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange via route servers. 

Networks can register their prefixes individually or AS-SET via MyIX portal. If the network upload prefix manually, the prefix will be checked and only approved if it’s valid, otherwise the prefix will be denied. For AS-SET, the Route Server will collect the prefixes from RADB.

Migration Questions

Yes. Members can upgrade their connection(s) or apply for an additional connection at any time. Of course the costs will also differ depending on the upgrade required. Please fill in the Subscription Form and send the completed form to Operations Manager.

Mailing Lists

MyIX keeps single mailing list (, which includes the representative and peering coordinators.

You can at any time contact the Operations Manager at and request a change to the MyIX mailing lists.

Note that you can have more than one person on this mailing lists.