Our Services

Multi Lateral Peering Arrangments (MLPA)

MYIX supports an open policy of interconnection with all MyIX members. The purpose of this MLPA is to improve the efficiency of routing and improve the general connectivity of the Internet.


Network Monitoring System (NMS)

MyIX deployed locally produced NMS to monitor and report the utilization of members traffic. Member require to have a valid login id and password to access the

Please click https://portal.myix.my/members/login


Looking Glass

MyIX Looking Glass is accessed remotely for the purpose of viewing routing information.

Please click https://portal.myix.my/lg


MLPE (Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange)

The MLPE service automates peering for open networks by providing route servers for participants to exchange routing information with multiple peers.

More details in http://myix.my/mlpe


AIMS Network Operations Center (NOC) provides first level support to MyIX customers with the coverage of 24 X 7 X 365.

When contacting AIMS NOC, kindly identify yourself, the company you represent and clearly describe the problem you are having.

Email : noc@aims.com.my

Phone : 03-20542600 / 012-3830959